AVG Upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0

Posted by admin on May 14, 2008

AVG has undergone a major revision, making a much more comprehensive protection package.  In the process, the makers have kept the program easy to use, and seamless in it’s operation.  The problem is that by the end of May, you will no longer be able to get support and updates for any of the 7.5 versions… including the Free version.

For FREE version users, you can get the replacement 8.0 version at free.grisoft.com Just click on the “Get it Now” button under the “Free basic protection” header.  Follow the simple instructions, and you are all upgraded.

For PAID version users, you can download the newest version from the AVG Website.  You will have to get a new product key in order to unlock the 8.0 program, as your old key will not work.  You can use this online tool to get a new one.  When asked for the new key, remove the existing key, and enter the new one from the tool.

If you are currently using the FREE version, and wish to start using the PAID version, you can purchase that through our online store.

If you are having troubles with any of these instructions, please feel free to contact us, or bring your system in.  Also, if you are on dial-up internet, the downloads can take as much as five hours to complete.  Using our high-speed internet, we can have the program downloaded, installed, updated, and ready in about 30 minutes.