Fix Print Jobs with Stalled Printer Repair

Posted by admin on Aug 25, 2010

Taken from PC World Magazine, July, 2010

We had one laptop that suffered from a seriously annoying problem: Some times print jobs get stuck in the queue. I’m not sure if this is the result of a driver issue or if it happens because it was using a Wi-Fi connection to the printer – could be both. Even more vexing, Windows won’t let them delete the stuck print job, which blocks subsequent items from printing. (Talk about something that should have been fixed back in the XP days, Microsoft). Usually the only solutions is to reboot, and no one should have to endure that kind of hassle just to print a document.

Salvation! Stalled Printer Repair ( is a free tool that detects and repairs stuck print jobs. Actually, it purges any stuck jobs it finds, meaning that you should be able to resume printing right away.

What I especially like about the utility is that it has nothing to install (if you download the .zip-file version that is): Just run the app, click Purge Print Jobs and you’re done.  If you’ve been plagued by stick print jobs, I definitely recommend giving Stalled Printer Repair a try.

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