Get Rid of Your Fax Machine!

Posted by admin on Aug 24, 2011

No fax machine?  Want to get rid of that relic sitting on your desk?  No worries.  If you have a phone line and a fax/modem, Windows will allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer.  You can send a fax from virtually any program, and you can choose which received faxes you need to print a hard copy of.

If you want to get rid of that phone line as well, you can try a service such as that allows you to upload a document, specify a destination, and click Send.  You can also sign up for your own FREE toll-free fax number and receive faxes through the system… the fax will be emailed to you as an attachment.  All this, for a monthly cost of $10 – a lot cheaper than a dedicated fax line, and maintaining a fax machine.

For the best deal, you should call their phone number or email Darrin Dougan for help.

7 Things Every Geek Should Know or Own

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2011

Taken from PC World Magazine, August 2011 Edition

Geek pride day comes along every May 25th, but just about any day is a great day to bask in being a geek.  If you have or know at least a few of the following things, congratulations.  If you don’t, consider this a shopping list of the items you need.

A Geek Should Own…

Flash drives: Not just one or two – you should have an entire collection.  You should also know how to partition your flash drives properly, and they should contain system utilities and perhaps a Linux installation or two.

Lots of Cables: Keeping a box of miscellaneous cables is a great idea, since you’ll have them handy for pretty much any unforeseen circumstance.

A home-built PC: Nothing shouts geek cred like a homemade computer.

A soldering iron: You never know when you’ll have to hack together some hardware.

A geeky tee: Any kind of geek slogan or motif, or something to do with geek culture, is legitimate and potentially cool.

A Geek Should Know…

How to code: Depending on what coding you find most interesting – be it computer programming or Web design – you should be able to lay down the basics from memory.

Keyboard shortcuts: Knowing your way around a keyboard is pretty useful, especially if you mouse stops working and you need to shut down.  Plus, keyboard shortcuts save a ton of time on the desktop.

Add a Spelling Checker to Internet Explorer

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2011

Taken from PC World Magazine, August 2011 Edition

Even the latest Internet Explorer doesn’t do bad spellers any favours.  But Speckie, a free add-on, offers a real-time spelling checker.

Once installed, Speckie – which is compatible with all versions of Windows and all versions of Internet Explorer (including IE 9) – immediately starts working, underscoring any unrecognized word with a squiggly red line.  To see the program’s suggestions for possible correct spellings, just right-click the word.

So if you’re an Internet Explorer user who needs a utility to check your spelling in e-mail, Web forms, and other browser-based activities, Speckie gets the job done quickly and efficiently.