Is Your Business Too Small For Digital Signage?

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2012

The short answer is a resounding NO.  Even if you don’t have a retail location, if you have customers, clients or visitors into your place of business, you can benefit from a digital signage solution.  There are several reasons why digital signs can work, but let’s explain what a digital sign is first.

In its most basic form, a digital sign is a flat display screen, that shows electronically-generated messages.  These messages can be a simple slide show of photos and captions, or include animation and video as well.  One of the largest benefits of a digital sign is that it is extremely easy to update, allowing you to make changes weekly, daily or even hourly!  With more complex signage packages, you can have several screens, displaying similar or different images, and even program the screens to turn on or off, and even display certain things at specific times of the day.  That is how fast-food restaurants change their menu boards from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner… as well as easily displaying the current promotion.  Many of the sign solutions also have software that makes the creation and management of the signs very simple.

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