How Windows 8 Trumps Non-Windows Competition

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2013

You may not like Windows 8, but Microsoft Windows did not become the all-encompassing king of the desktop out of sheer luck. Here are a dozen reasons why Microsoft’s latest operating system beats OS X, Linux and Chrome OS.

1) Vast Software Library – including apps and full fledged software and games

2) Backward Compatibility – You can run programs all the way back to good old DOS

3) Games – No PC can handle games as well as Windows

4) Syncing – Windows 8’s syncing options exceed Apple’s in almost every respect

5) Native Web Browser – Internet Explorer may not be your browser of choice, but it is included with every version of Windows… right from a fresh install

6) Security – For the past two years, Internet Explorer has been the target of far fewer exploits than Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

7) Widespread Compatibility – Almost every hardware device supports Windows PCs

8) Multiple Monitor Support – It is simple to setup and configure, Mac and Linux are not quite as easy.

9) System Search – Search for files, programs, and even internet results in once place

10) Multitasking – If you have a plethora of programs open, Windows 8 will handle it the best

11) New Car Smell – Windows 8’s new Refresh option makes clearing out the cobwebs effortless

12) Getting Things Done – When it is time to roll up your sleeves and get some work done, nothing tops a Windows machine

Accept Credit Cards on the Road

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2013

Are you a mobile professional?  Would you like to accept credit card payments wherever you are?  Would you like to do it for free?

Well, that last one I can’t really do, but there is a great deal from a company called Square.  For a $10 investment (and you get that back after your first transaction) you can get a small card reader from Square that attaches to your smart phone or tablet.  No start up fees, no monthly fees, just 2.75% per swipe for Visa and Mastercard.

Install a simple app on your iOS or Android device, plug in the small square card reader into the headphone jack, link your bank account, and you will be accepting payments in minutes.  The money is directly deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days.

For more information check out or come in and talk to us about it.

3 Technologies That Should Disappear

Posted by admin on Jul 16, 2013

Legacy hardware often overstays its welcome.  For example, these 12 components, ports, and devices have lingered far beyond their freshness date.

1) PATA (or Parallel Ports), also known as IDE ports is so old that you might never have heard of it.  It was originally designed as an interface for mechanical hard drives back in 1986, it was replaced by SATA over ten years ago.  Some motherboard manufacturers are still including it on their boards.  Why?

2) eSATA (External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is fast, but does not carry power to the external drive. So you need an additional power adapter for your external device. Since we now have USB 3.0, which are plenty fast and deliver power to the attached devices, there is no need for eSATA ports.

3) IBM introduced the PS/2 port in 1987 with its line of PS/2 personal computers.  Since the ports were not designed to be hot-swappable, changing your keyboard and mouse meant you had to turn off the computer first. All keyboards and mice that have shipped in the past 5 years use USB, so why are board manufacturers still including these ports on their motherboards?

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