Heartbleed and KineticD Cloud Backup

Posted by admin on Apr 25, 2014

This notice is for our customers that either use (or are planning to use) our Cloud-based data backup solution provided by KineticD.  Here is a notice that we received from KineticD:

As you may be aware, a major vulnerability code named Heartbleed recently been discovered for OpenSSL, the popular encryption software that powers two thirds (2/3) of the Internet.  Since KineticD only relied on OpenSSL for our marketing portals, none of your data was ever at risk.

We take the security of our customer data very seriously and at this time have no evidence of any compromise, but like many web companies, our security team took immediate action to proactively address the issue.  Further to our stringent Vulnerability and Threat policies, all data backed up with KineticD is protected by the following safeguards:

-Military Grade Encryption: Your data is encrypted using military grade 448 bit blowfish encryption before it leaves your machine, in flight (over the internet) and at rest (when its stored in our servers).

-Industry Leading Data Centers: Our state-of-the-art data centers are guarded 24x7x365 with uniformed security guards, CCTV cameras throughout, door entry-card access and fully redundant power supplies.

-ITL-Based Compliance Audit Procedures: Our data center recently passed an external audit which awarded us with the SSAE16 certification of compliance.   

If any of your other online vendors have been impacted by Heartbleed and you use the same password for both KineticD and them, we recommend changing both passwords.  As a best practice, your password for KineticD should be unique and contain at least 6 characters, with capital letters, numbers and symbols.  

Thanks for trusting KineticD with your data, The KineticD Team

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