3 Technologies That Should Disappear

Posted by admin on Jul 16, 2013

Legacy hardware often overstays its welcome.  For example, these 12 components, ports, and devices have lingered far beyond their freshness date.

1) PATA (or Parallel Ports), also known as IDE ports is so old that you might never have heard of it.  It was originally designed as an interface for mechanical hard drives back in 1986, it was replaced by SATA over ten years ago.  Some motherboard manufacturers are still including it on their boards.  Why?

2) eSATA (External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is fast, but does not carry power to the external drive. So you need an additional power adapter for your external device. Since we now have USB 3.0, which are plenty fast and deliver power to the attached devices, there is no need for eSATA ports.

3) IBM introduced the PS/2 port in 1987 with its line of PS/2 personal computers.  Since the ports were not designed to be hot-swappable, changing your keyboard and mouse meant you had to turn off the computer first. All keyboards and mice that have shipped in the past 5 years use USB, so why are board manufacturers still including these ports on their motherboards?

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