How Windows 8 Trumps Non-Windows Competition

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2013

You may not like Windows 8, but Microsoft Windows did not become the all-encompassing king of the desktop out of sheer luck. Here are a dozen reasons why Microsoft’s latest operating system beats OS X, Linux and Chrome OS.

1) Vast Software Library – including apps and full fledged software and games

2) Backward Compatibility – You can run programs all the way back to good old DOS

3) Games – No PC can handle games as well as Windows

4) Syncing – Windows 8’s syncing options exceed Apple’s in almost every respect

5) Native Web Browser – Internet Explorer may not be your browser of choice, but it is included with every version of Windows… right from a fresh install

6) Security – For the past two years, Internet Explorer has been the target of far fewer exploits than Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

7) Widespread Compatibility – Almost every hardware device supports Windows PCs

8) Multiple Monitor Support – It is simple to setup and configure, Mac and Linux are not quite as easy.

9) System Search – Search for files, programs, and even internet results in once place

10) Multitasking – If you have a plethora of programs open, Windows 8 will handle it the best

11) New Car Smell – Windows 8’s new Refresh option makes clearing out the cobwebs effortless

12) Getting Things Done – When it is time to roll up your sleeves and get some work done, nothing tops a Windows machine

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