Six Reasons You Still Need A Desktop PC

Posted by admin on Sep 30, 2013

Like most computer users, you have probably already migrated to some sort of mobile device… a laptop, tablet or even a smart phone.  Does that mean your old desktop PC is destined for the scrap pile?  Well, that old computer – even though past its prime – is far from useless.  In fact, for some jobs, it is the perfect tool.  Here are six reasons to keep that old clunker around.

Dual Monitors: Yes, you can set up dual screens on your laptop, but the external one is usually much larger than the built-in screen, and so easily navigating between the screens can be a bit of a pain.  Just pop a dedicated video card into your desktop (if it does not already have one), connect two monitors, and you are off with double the productivity!

Raw Power: Mobile devices sacrifice speed over battery life, desktops don’t. So if you are a power user, your programs will probably run faster on a desktop.  Now, if your desktop is 10 years old… or older, forget about what I just said.

Expandability: Notebooks are not easy to fix or upgrade.  Their compact form means that most components are soldered together. About all you can effectively upgrade is the memory and the hard drive.  In a desktop, everything is fair game.  In fact, you can basically strip it down to the bare components and start over if you want.

File Storage: In many cases, your desktop has more storage space than your mobile device.  And if not, you can easily add an additional hard drive.  You can even backup your data from your laptop or smart phone to your desktop.

Better Productivity: Using the touchpad can be a pain for some notebook users, not to mention that the keyboards are usually more compact.  If you are a touch-typist or do a lot of mouse work, then a full sized keyboard and standard mouse can be a lot more productive.  Yes, you can connect a USB keyboard and mouse to a laptop, but you are losing the convenience of the laptop.

Remote Access: If you leave your desktop powered up all the time, you can have your own computer in the cloud.  Use one of the various remote desktop tools that are available, and you can access your programs, documents, and even printers from anywhere in the world.

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